Band formed by Miguel A. Hernanz "Patillas", ex-Muro in 2002. First demo, "Day Of Your Death Arrives ..." appeared in 2005 and they began to play live through their country. This first demo, was followed by a second and a third, whose titles are "Yells That Destroy" and "VPA", in 2007 and 2008 respectively.

The band also participated with some issues in the short-porn "Agradecidos".

In 2009 they released their first split "An Unholy Thrash Metal Night" live, along with Old, the german band.

Later, they were invited to participate in the compilation "Spainkills" with the theme "Blood and Steel".

Their first album came on the year 2009 under the name "Thrash Metal Is Violence", first self-released under Satanicspeed Records and later reissued by Xtreem Music, including two live tracks as bonus.

Omission are included in a 4-way split called "Unholy Thrashing Savage" and shortly after, the band issued their second album, called "Merciless Jaws From Hell", sponsored once again by "Xtreem Music".

For the next disc change and the french company "Emanes Metal Records" is chosen, which publishes the third work in the career of the band, "Pioneers Of The Storm".

The next one is an EP, in the form of split, with six themes, named "Black Darkness Obscurity".

Omission’s fourth one “The Unholiest of Them” is the last album for Emanes Metal Records.

The last album is called "Breathless Existence" and it's on the streets by a new record company "EvenThink Records".

Throughout their career, Omission has performed with almost all the spanish scene and many international groups such as Destruction, Flotsam and Jetsam, Possessed, Desaster or Immortal, among many others.